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Sumit, you have made my life easier creating this. I would like to remove possibility of half day leave. How could I put actual hours in here and have it add them up also I tried to add a column B for the employee id and it skews the January date to start with 2. Simply protecting the entire sheet wont work. Can i get your email to discuss with you?

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Can you please advise.

Employee Vacation Accrual Template

How do I incorporate this? Hi, when I use the slidebar to change the months, the dates are only showing for the first month January, not any other months- what am I doing wrong trackr there is a pop up message about macros disabled, how to I enable them, I am a novice sorry.

Hi Sumit, I just downloaded.

Hello sir, this is very useful template for me. When I mark half day for an employee the leave breakup counts it as 1 and not as 0. Also, I would like to update the Holidays page for the year of November 25, at Hi — This is awesome, thanks!

Is this possible in this file? Nice idea, but not very practical. December 2, at 7: Or maybe you could give me some tips on how to do that. Hello Abeer, I believe you are changing the month value in cell A1.

Excellent sheet… one question… is it possible to insert leave by the hour… we allow staff to take single or multiple hours of leave that do not necessarily emplooyee under the bracket of a half or full day.

Hi Sumit — great chart. Thank you in advance! I believe you posted under my question and I thought it was Sumit needing more information for my specific chart needs. How can I do to count this particular 0.

This looks great but the month changer scroll bar either moves one month or scrolls all the way to the end of the year? Please assist me on this.

Vacation Accrual and Tracking Template with Sick Leave Accrual

I would truly appreciate If you could modify your file to be able to accomplish this task or I can email you my file, so you can take a look at it and modify as you please. Right now I am struggling with that concept. Is it possible to change one of the other categories, for example the Personal Day to a 0. However the of vacation days we are allowed is based on our hire date.

Thank you for this wonderful tracker! I am hungry for ideas and you are my gold mine. Could you please help me on counting the leave breakup every month beside the yearly summary?

Could you point me in the right direction, please? You say we can add more employees by copying and pasting additional rows — and that works well.

Further to my post below, Sumit, One more question, Sometimes a staff may work on a weekend. November 23, at 1: Thanks for making it and thanks for having it unlocked and open. This is really good and comes in so handy in my line of work. Or is there a way to get totals of each type of leave in a separate column? Hi, Is there any way to amend the formula so sick days and maternity days do not calculate as leave but can be recorded?


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