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Start a new drawing then draw the breakline symbol. Conversely, entering a very small value results in smooth hatching along arcs but places more of a processing burden during regeneration of a drawing. Thank your Moses Scott for highlighting a bug. Superhatch objects are glued together using unnamed groups.

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Chris Mckeown Publisher January 13, Please we need the version of this plugin! The edit field will vonus unavailable if the selected variable is a read-only type.

Almost makes me want to move to Mac: Thank your Moses Scott for highlighting a bug. It never makes one mass. Pressing Ctrl while specifying a side to offset erases the original object. Options common to both sections include:.

I do truly miss the convert text to mtext in Express Tools. No changes are committed until the dialog box is closed with the OK button.

Revit and load issue resolved. If the list has been filtered, as with a wild-card, the list is saved as displayed.

What’s Updated in BonusTools 2018?

When will it be out? This gives power modelers fast, context sensitive access to all modeling functionality contained within BonusTools, without having to break out of your modeling workflow.

The default block is defined by brkline.

Maya Bonus tools?? If nothing is entered in the edit field, the list will display all of the system variables. Use 3D blocks as hatch patterns to place repeating items such as bricks, roof tiles, or fence fills in 3D drawings. Block — Determines the block to be used as the breakline symbol. Chris Mckeown Publisher May 11, Make sure that the drawing contains two point objects that have been created autoxad the Defpoints layer.

Make the Defpoints layer current, If it does not exist, create it and make it the current layer. Tonarino Totoro June 15, Elliott January 5, at 8: The prompts appear as follows:.

Essential AutoCAD Express Tools you should know

Images displayed in icons are not scaled so appear cropped. Image — Opens the Attach Image dialog box for specifying the image for the superhatch pattern. If you want to modify a single object that is part of a superhatch, you can use the GROUP command to turn off the selection of the group as toole. Specify destination layout or [?

There are two tabbed sections: To give your drawing a cleaner appearance, you can place all the viewports on a separate layer and then turn that layer off after running VPSYNC so that the edges of the viewport are not displayed. Learn AutoCAD from basics to a professional level with our self-paced online courses.

The edit field above the list box allows for filtering the list box display based on user input.

Bonus Tools

Block — Opens a dialog box for specifying the block for the superhatch pattern. I would love to create a schedule of each revision cloud in the project, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it work.

These tools improve with good user feedback.


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